Integrate our technology and watch your business grow

Our partners are key to our business. They represent an important part of ID Quantique’s ecosystem. We value their in-depth knowledge of the market and of customers’ needs for security solutions. Every day, our teams are dedicated to build and maintain strong relationships with current and future partners. It’s time for you to join our worldwide network of partners!

When our customers thrive and succeed, so do our partners, and so do we.

Grégoire Ribordy, CEO

ID Quantique’s Partner Program is a multi-level program that enables partners to grow rapidly by integrating our Quantum-Safe technology and solutions.

Being a successful partner can depend on many things: from the products and solutions offered to the ways in which you approach your end-customers and to differentiate yourself and build industry credibility.

More than a program, it’s a commitment that produces greater rewards as you grow with us. Our teams accompany you at every stage, to make your life easier: from the early product integration stage to the opening of new markets, we work with you hand in hand to develop your business every day.

Our Partner Program is customised to match your business model and give you all the support you need to successfully integrate our solutions in your portfolio. Its structure is designed to allow you to move to a higher tier as your business grows and our joint partnership develops.

Why join now?

There’s never been a better time to be in the IT security sector and there’s never been a better time to partner with ID Quantique.

We’ve listened to our partners’ needs. Our competencies, tools and training are designed to help partners succeed and open additional business opportunities with both new and existing clients. By partnering with us, you can accelerate your growth, with superior technology that drives results for your customers.

What we offer

A dedicated team
A committed sales and presale team that will make the impossible possible to serve you and to help you close deals and grow your business.

Quantum-safe innovative solutions
Industry leading security solutions making you unique in the market and helping you to differentiate yourself.

Sales & Marketing resources
IDQ partner programs offers access to a variety of useful self-service and assisted marketing resources to help you get the right messages to sell more.

Demo units
IDQ Partners have an opportunity to purchase specific IDQ demo units at a significant discount.

Educational and Technical Resources
Comprehensive training and access to tools and support that enable partners to sell IDQ products and services with a particular focus on Quantum-safe solutions.

ID Quantique’s Partner Program aims to offer you everything you need to sell more efficiently, in the easiest way possible.
From engaging and educating prospects to closing new business opportunities, we are here to provide you with the information and support you need to succeed at every stage of the sales cycle.

Partners Toolbox

ID Quantique Partner Portal
ID Quantique Partner Portal